Mission Statement

Mormon Study is a compendium of material about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   As a former Mormon, the information presented is based on my own experiences along with hours of research from documents and writings that can be located and verified.  The Bible is maintained as the final and respected authority.  Some of the substance may challenge the beliefs of those who read it.  Others may disagree with it, and that is fine.  It is never wrong to want the truth.  Weigh the evidence.  Be honest, sincere and open when pursuing your own investigation before arriving at a conclusion.

To order the flash drive, contact Nathan Franson at 407-516-2690 or [email protected]. I take Venmo, Apple Pay, or Cashapp. 

One of the most common questions I receive is, “What happened next?” When I left Mormonism, it was not enough to simply know what was wrong but learn what was right. That is why I have developed this follow up series to the seminar. It is tailored for a wider audience, designed for those from any walk of life and background. The purpose is to build up our faith, while challenging our thinking about what the Bible means by being transformed (Rom. 12:2). Contact me to schedule it at your congregation.

Live Seminars Available

What people are saying about the seminar

“Nathan conducted a great seminar on Mormonism…It was  both informative and inspiring.”
   DEWAYNE DAVID BRYANT, Montgomery, Alabama

“I was impressed with the material presented, and the manner in which it was presented.This seminar delivered a thoughtful, thorough, and kind explanation of how one should speak to a Mormon.”
   KEVIN RUTHERFORD, Memphis, Tennessee

“Our members benefited much from the seminar! Many told me they loved it. We were encouraged to be loving, patient, and kind as we study with an LDS representative.”
   DAVID LEMMONS, Benton, Kentucky

“ The sessions are interesting and information rich. The arguments are reasonable and scriptural…I highly recommend this resource to those who are looking for a special event.”
   NATHAN LIDDELL, Aurora, Colorado

“The seminar was a great way for us to equip the saints in our congregation on how to better interact and start a conversation about the Lord’s church when the LDS faith comes knocking.”
   LARRY FIFE, Cary, North Carolina 

“Your visit to Porirua was such a blessing. The information you provided regarding the history of the Latter-Day Saints, their founder and doctrine, along with your advice on how to engage in loving and knowledgable ways was very helpful.”
   LANCE MOSHER, Porirua, New Zealand 

“I learned many things about how Mormons view scripture and biblical themes…Your familiarity with their doctrines and firm grasp on scripture helped me walk away with tools that will be helpful the next time I talk with a Mormon.” 

 HIRAM KEMP, Bowling Green, KY

“We found the seminar to be highly informative and systematic.”      

   BOBBY GAYTON, Cartersville, Georgia 

“After attending this seminar, I was shocked by what I had learned about the Mormon religion! I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who is looking to better understand the fallacies of Mormonism and see how it contrasts to the Bible.”
    CASSIDY WILLIAMS, Jackson, Tennessee


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I am always interested in hearing about studies and if anyone has any questions.

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