Author: Nathan Franson

Canonicity of the Book of Mormon

INTRODUCTION The Book of Mormon claims to be a reliable book much like the Bible.[1] It proclaims to cover a time period of approximately 1000 years, ranging from 600 B.C. to A.D. 421.[2] Its text contains a series of books describing the life and descendents of a man named Lehi from Jerusalem. Throughout the pages

The Truth According to the Mormon church

What do you know about the Mormon Church? Interestingly, for a religious group that is among the most populated in the world, many find themselves limited in answering this question. Most are familiar with identifying the Book of Mormon or the young missionaries with their dark ties and nametags riding around on their

10 Questions to Ask a Mormon

Click here to download – 10 Questions to Ask a Mormon  One of the major hindrances of one who has been approached by Mormon missionaries or who have entered in to a conversation with someone of the LDS faith is the lack of understanding their religion.  Many do not know where to begin the discussion
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