Mission Statement


Mormon Study is a compendium of material about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   As a former Mormon, the information presented is based on my own experiences along with hours of research from documents and writings that can be located and verified.  The Bible is maintained as the final and respected authority.  Some of the substance may challenge the beliefs of those who read it.  Others may disagree with it, and that is fine.  It is never wrong to want the truth.  Weigh the evidence.  Be honest, sincere and open when pursuing your own investigation before arriving at a conclusion.

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 Upcoming speaking engagements


  • Lemon Grove church of Christ annual lectureship – (San Diego, CA)  July 7
    “Local and International work and Reaching Out to Mormons”
  • Merced church of Christ (Merced , CA) – September 13-15 – Seminar: “Is the Mormon Church From God or Man?” 
  • Marshall church of Christ (Marshall, TX) – Oct. 21-25 – Seminar: “Is the Mormon Church From God or Man?” 

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